Fine Art by Dawson Dawson-Watson

Dawson Dawson-Watson (1864-1939) was an English artist who had training in Europe and the U.S. He moved from England to Boston, then to Canada to New York, and a few years of dividing his time between St. Louis and San Antonio before permanently moving to San Antonio in 1926.


He began to concentrate on the Texas landscape, the cacti in bloom, spring flowers in the hills, and the Missions of San Antonio. Texas collectors’ interest in Dawson-Watson began when he entered paintings in the Davis Wildflower Competition in 1927. He won first prize for his Glory of the Morning, a study of cacti. In 1929 he won both first and fifth prizes in the competition. Dawson went on to win various prizes for his works throughout the nation. He also had exhibitions at the Witte in San Antonio as well as in the Paris Salon and the Exposition Universelle in Paris, at the Royal Academy, London and many other places throughout Europe and the US.


Many of Dawson’s paintings can be found in permanent collections throughout the world from New Haven, Connecticut, St. Louis, Missouri, Chicago, New York City, San Antonio Museum of Art and many more.


Most recognize Dawson primarily for his cactus paintings but art historians recognize him as an important direct American link to French Impressionism.

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