Julian Onderdonk - A Dry and Dusty Day, South West Texas

J Onderdonk Dry and Dusty Day, SW Texas

Julian OnderdonkA Dry and Dusty Day, South West Texas, 1915. Oil on canvas, signed l.r. 12 x 16 (Click image to enlarge)


About Julian Onderdonk:

Julian Onderdonk (1882-1922) was arguably the best landscape artist that Texas has produced. Born in San Antonio, he developed his talents early working under his father Robert Onderdonk.

In the fall of 1909 Julian began painting the Texas that he loved, the brush country in winter, fields of spring flowers, the live oak trees, and the dry caliche roads. His ability to capture the light and atmosphere of Texas has provided some of the loveliest interpretations of South Texas landscapes we have seen.


About Harry Halff Fine Art:

Harry Halff has been dealing in fine art for over 30 years, initially as a private dealer in Europe, Scandinavia, and America. Harry is the Catalog Raisonne expert on Julian Onderdonk’s works, and deals in 19th century American paintings with an emphasis on Early Texas Art.



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