Theodore Gentilz | Vaquero | SOLD

Theodore Gentilz's painting of Vacquero from circa 1860Theodore Gentilz, Vaquero. Circa 1860, 8 x 6  (Click image to enlarge)


About Theodore Gentilz:

Theodore Gentilz (1819-1906) first came to Texas in 1844, as a surveyor for Henri Castro, the founder of Castroville. Gentilz’s legacy as a painter includes his subjects in the costumbrista style. He typically worked on very small canvases to depict the local inhabitants of San Antonio and the cultural events that made it unique. His paintings are fairly rare due to the fact that he was not a prolific artist, and most of his works stayed in his immediate family.


About Harry Halff Fine Art:

Harry Halff has been dealing in fine art for over 30 years, initially as a private dealer in Europe, Scandinavia, and America. Harry is the Catalog Raisonne expert on Julian Onderdonk’s works, and deals in 19th century American painting with an emphasis on Early Texas Art. The gallery has placed several of Theodore Gentilz’s small format paintings in private and museum collections.

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